The Portland Trail Blazers may finally be gaining some ground in the Damian Lillard trade fiasco. Ever since Lillard requested a trade earlier this offseason, speculation has been nonstop about which teams might be interested in striking a deal with the Blazers for the All-Star's services, but thus far, nothing has come to fruition.

However, it appears that there may finally be new developments on that front for the first time in months.

“Multiple sources have confirmed that there are ongoing discussions for a deal involving trading Damian Lillard before camp is underway October 2nd,” according to Danny Marang of 1080 The Fan.
If Portland does indeed plan on trading Damian Lillard, it would certainly behoove them to get something done sooner rather than later to help build camaraderie amongst the players already in their locker room as well as whoever they would theoretically get in return. This summer, the Blazers drafted guard Scoot Henderson with their lottery pick in a move that many people saw as a potential replacement for Lillard in the event that he is traded.
So far, the Miami Heat have been the most prominent team in the Lillard rumors, as the franchise looks to give more scoring help to Jimmy Butler, a need that was exposed in Miami's Finals loss to the Denver Nuggets. However, as of yet, Portland has yet to budge on any of the Heat's reported offers.
With the NBA season just weeks away, the clock is ticking on Portland to get something done regarding their franchise's best player.