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Trae Young vs. Stephen Curry detailed by front office member

Stephen Curry, Trae Young

Trae Young announced on Twitter that he would be entering the NBA draft and is expected to be at worst a lottery pick.

He took the college basketball world by storm when he was dominating the ranks early in the season and the Oklahoma Sooners were winning games with ease. As the season went on though he was still putting up good stats, but his team wasn’t winning games and the Sooners were bounced in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

On the season, Young’s stats were impressive though. He averaged 27.4 points, 8.7 assists, and 3.9 rebounds per game. One big knock on his game has been his turnovers which were at a very high 5.2 per game over the course of the season.

Even before coming to Oklahoma, Young has been compared to one NBA superstar, Steph Curry because of his unlimited range. Ryan Russillo talked to one NBA executive who has questions about that comparison though.

Talked to a front office about Trae Young last night, thought this was great. β€œThe Steph thing, Steph is bigger, worked on his weaknesses but the most important thing about Steph is he’s selfless. We don’t know that about Trae yet.”

When Curry was at Davidson he would will his team to wins, but Young wasn’t able to do that at Oklahoma. Even though he did have 8.7 assists per game at times it looked like he was just making passes to make passes, not actually help his team win the game.

In the NBA, the other thing he is going to have to really cut down is turnovers. If he was averaging 5.2 per game against college players, that number is going to jump if changes aren’t made.