Chris Paul's first season with the Golden State Warriors concluded last April. The veteran point guard played a key role off the bench, facilitating as a floor general while leading the second unit. However, it seems like Paul might just be on the move again this summer. In a recent substack article written by NBA insider Marc Stein, the Warriors are supposedly exploring their trade options for Paul.

“The Warriors, league sources say, have continued to explore their trade options with Paul's trade-friendly contract in conjunction with Wednesday's draft as well as the prospect of pushing the Friday deadline into July if Paul is amenable to that amendment (as covered here previously),” Stein wrote.

Furthermore, if Golden State lets Paul walk into free agency, the point guard might continue playing in another West Coast city — specifically, Los Angeles.

“I keep hearing that Paul, if he actually makes it to free agency at some point, would draw interest from the Clippers as well as the Lakers,” Stein added. “Paul's desire to play as close to his L.A.-based family as possible is well-known, but I'm told interest in bringing him to the Lakers might not be unanimous within the organization despite Paul's well-chronicled friendship with LeBron James.”

“I've been hearing for weeks now that the Clippers — even though Russell Westbrook possesses a $4 million player option for next season — have interest in both Paul and Kyle Lowry to supply backcourt depth. Lowry, though, is a Philadelphia native who is widely expected to re-sign with the 76ers.”

Chris Paul as of late

Golden State Warriors guard Chris Paul (3) brings the ball up court against the Utah Jazz during the first quarter at Chase Center
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Paul is set to enter a non-guaranteed final year of his contract, meaning Golden State has the option to waive it and make him a free agent. Getting under the luxury tax and having more flexibility for the Klay Thompson extension talks are just two of several reasons why the Warriors could let Paul go.

It's not as if he performed poorly last season. Paul averaged 9.2 points, 6.8 assists and 3.9 rebounds in 58 games for the Dubs. Although this is a decline compared to his past averages, it's still pretty commendable for a point guard who played behind Stephen Curry. And to see the full extent of Paul's impact, one has to watch the Warriors' games. His ability to pace the offense and make plays for his teammates is still there. Despite his age (39 years old), Chris Paul is a reminder of how high basketball IQ and fundamentals help older vets keep up with young talent.

Still, Stein's article indicates that the Warriors are likely looking at a future without the point guard in tow. The team has until Friday to make a decision on Paul's contract, so it won't be long before Dubs fans get a big update on the situation.