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Hasan Minhaj explains getting destroyed in NBA Celebrity Game

Hasan Minhaj

The star of Netflix’s Patriot Act, former Daily Show corespondent and two-time NBA Celebrity All Star Game participant Hasan Minhaj appeared on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon to discuss some embarrassing moments from his time on the hardwood.

Minhaj opened by reminding everyone that Caleb McLaughlin—best known for his role as Lucas on the show Stranger Things— crossed him over, in order to explain the shoot-first mindset he had coming into the night’s game. Referring to himself as, “the brown Allen Iverson,” Minhaj recalls driving to the rim only to have his attempt brutally blocked by A’ja Wilson, power forward for the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces.

“It’s one thing to block me,” protested Minhaj. “She batted it into the rafters. She got a block and a home run at the same time.”

He recalls having trolls on Twitter laugh at him for “getting blocked by a girl.” Wilson was the number one draft pick in the 2018 WNBA draft, she averaged 20.7 points, 8 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per game in her rookie season.  Minhaj joked that Wilson, “Sent my sh*t into the stands like she was making up for the gender pay gap.”

Fallon then continued the roasting, by pulling up a video in which Minhaj shoots an air ball, and ESPN commentator Mark Jones quips that he may have rather had rapper Nicki Minaj out there.

However, they closed with comic’s best play of the night. Minhaj stripped rapper Famous Los late in the fourth quarter the make it a two point game. His team still lost, 82-80, but he walked away able to say he stole the ball from the game’s MVP. Minhaj is now 0-2 in Celebrity All Star Games, in 2017, his team lost 88-59.

Next year’s All Star Game will be held in Chicago. Does Minhaj believe third time is the charm?