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VIDEO: Shaquille O’Neal destroys rim in HORSE game vs. Rob Gronkowski

NBA, Shaquille O'Neal, Rob Gronkowski

NBA legend and Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal and NFL star Rob Gronkowski hosted a livestream party on Saturday night and decided to have some fun with a friendly game of HORSE. In the middle of the contest, however, Shaq destroyed the rim after throwing down a one-handed alley-oop.

It’s safe to say that HORSE, or any basketball-related activities at that, is done for the evening.

Arguably the most dominant force in NBA history, O’Neal certainly knows a thing or two about destroying the ring or even the entire backboard. In fact, the 15-time All-Star brought the backboard down twice in an actual NBA game.

The livestream show featured the four-time NBA champion and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end along with musical performances from Snoop Dogg, Diplo and other artists. The event was organized in order to raise funds for the Boys & Girls Club of America and NAACP Empowerment Programs.

The fundraiser hopes to raise awareness about social injustice and bring people together during these trying times.

“We want to be sensitive to people. That’s why we wanted [it] to be labeled as ‘Party with a Purpose,'” NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal said via Jenna Laine of ESPN. “We just want to bring a little joy. There’s a lot of stuff going on, and we are aware of that, and we hope to do our part. We’re gonna continue to do our part.”

Shaq and Gronk also engaged in all sorts of fun activities, such as a Rap Battle and a chicken wing eating contest, among others.