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NBC plays old NBA on NBC theme after Sunday Night Football touchdown

The real MVP of the Green Bay Packers-Atlanta Falcons game on Sunday wasn’t Matt Ryan, Devonta Freeman, nor Julio Jones. For many viewers of the game on TV, it was whoever was in charge of the broadcast production – the genius who ordered the playing of the old NBA on NBC tune, the John Tesh-composed Roundball Rock, as the game transitioned into a commercial break.

Of course, this wasn’t a case of NBC’s technical crew misplaying the track. It was, in fact, an appropriate course of action that was prompted by a Freeman rushing touchdown that was celebrated in the end zone by the running back by shooting the football as though it was a basketball through offensive lineman Andy Levitre’s arms acting as a hoop.

Perhaps the only thing missing here was Freeman going for a layup with his tongue out a la Michael Jordan. With the NFL loosening a bit on its stand on touchdown celebrations, we could hope for more of the same from Freeman – and hopefully from the NBC team as well.

Bring back the 90’s!