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Nets star Kyrie Irving bamboozles Blazers defense with filthy handles, reverse finish

Nets, Kyrie Irving

Jusuf Nurkic of the Portland Trail Blazers really tried his best to defend Kyrie Irving one-on-one. Unsurprisingly though, it was the Brooklyn Nets star who came out on top as Irving left Nurk dazed and confused after this nasty move.

For good measure, Kyrie even went for the reverse layup to finish this awesome play (h/t NBA TV on Twitter):

Kyrie has one of the best handles in the game and this sequence was a clear testament to this fact. Nurkic simply stood no chance against Irving and we all knew how this was going to end up as soon as the Blazers big man was left on an island against him.

Kevin Durant and James Harden were still to of action for the Nets in this one so it was Kyrie Irving who had to step it up again for his shorthanded squad. He’s been doing quite a tremendous job as Brooklyn’s lone superstar of late, and we can only imagine how dominant this team will be once all three stars are completely healthy. Right now, there’s no denying that the Nets remain to be the title favorites this season. There are few other teams out there that might have a thing or two to say about that, but Brooklyn is just so talent-packed right now.