There’s a new conspiracy theory going around involving Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving – but this time it’s not one he came up with himself. The infamous flat-earther has been in all the headlines this offseason as the face of anti-Covid vaccine contingent in the NBA.

Now with the recent release of the NBA Top 75 list, there’s a rumor going around that the Nets star was supposed to be included but was later on removed. The assertion, legitimate or not, is that the NBA is trying to avoid rewarding him amid his refusal to get the Covid-19 vaccine that’s virtually turned him into the league’s heel.

As of the time of writing, a quick Google search of “Nets NBA 75” indeed does still bring up a result with a video labeled “NBA 75: Kyrie Irving | Brooklyn Nets. It’s the same structure as those of his teammates in Kevin Durant and James Harden, who were both included on the list. Clicking on the video leads to a link that no longer exists.

Nets Kyrie Irving conspiracy NBA Top 75

But this isn’t exactly definitive evidence that Kyrie Irving was a part of the NBA Top 75 list. Maybe the Nets prepared three videos in the event that Kyrie was named to the last alongside his co-stars.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop NBA Twitter from arguing about the news, either on its authenticity or critiquing the league’s decision if true.

Fans also showed support for Kyrie Irving as protesters arrived at Barclays Center prior to their home opener. Kyrie has yet to suit up for a game this season, but his presence has been felt immensely nonetheless.