Kyrie Irving is officially set to return on Sunday when the Brooklyn Nets face off against the Memphis Grizzlies at the Barclays Center. The embattled point guard has been able to satisfy the team's demands with regard to his reinstatement and he's now going to be allowed to play again after missing a total of eight games due to suspension.

One of the team's requirements before he returned to the lineup was for Kyrie to make a public verbal apology for pushing an antisemitic film on Twitter. The Nets superstar did just that in a recent interview as he expressed how sorry he is for his actions:

“I don't have hate in my heart for the Jewish people or anyone who identifies as a Jew,” he said, via SNY on Twitter. “I'm not anti-Jewish or any of that. It's been difficult to sit at home with my family with them seeing all of this and having questions. The part that has been hardest is explaining myself because I know who I am. I know what I represent. But I think the difficult aspect is just processing all this, understanding the power of my voice, the influence I have. I'm no one's idol, but I am a human being that wants to make impacted change.

“I'm sorry to not only the Jewish community but to my family members and to my relatives because they know I stand for something bigger. I'm grateful that I'm able to explain myself.”

Kyrie Irving sounds genuinely apologetic here as he expressed how disappointed he is over all this. It sounds like he's blaming no one else but himself for tweeting about a film that promotes hate and division. The All-Star guard made it abundantly clear that he is not antisemitic and that he has nothing against the Jewish community. He has also apologized to his family and relatives for dragging them into this huge mess.

Another one of the Nets' requirements for Kyrie is that he meets with community leaders, including that from the Jewish community. It seems like there has been a lot of self-reflecting for the 30-year-old throughout his suspension period, and it just feels like Irving has learned his lesson.