There's no denying that during their time together with the Cavs, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James formed one of the most formidable duos in the entire NBA. Recently, the Brooklyn Nets superstar talked about his time playing alongside LeBron, which apparently, also included an epic 1-on-1 game between these two former teammates.

The Nets point guard made the revelation on a recent episode of the I AM ATHLETE podcast. Unfortunately, Kyrie decided not to spill all of the beans (h/t on Twitter):

“I was coming in everyday like, ‘Yo, I'b better than you, you, you, you, you, you. I don't care, y'all can line up, we can go 1v1 right now,” Irving said. “That energy was me everyday. Me going against ‘Bron, we played 1-on-1 one time, by the way, I'm not gonna tell y'all who won or lost.”

As Kyrie described above, he had an innate fearlessness within him during his time with the Cavs. The Nets star was just 19 when he was drafted by Cleveland in 2011 and by the time he left some six years later, he was 25. At that point in his career, he simply just didn't care.

Unfortunately, we might never find out who won that 1-on-1 matchup. Then again, there has to be footage of that epic moment somewhere out there, right?