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Shannon Sharpe explains why he blocked Nets star Kevin Durant on Twitter in middle of fight

Kevin Durant, Nets, Shannon Sharpe

Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe had an illustrious career capped with three Super Bowl rings, and he revolutionized the position as a receiver. One thing he was not known for was blocking, but that is what he just did to Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant on Twitter during an online duel.

Sharpe was asked why he decided to block KD in the middle of their spat. Sharpe responded like so:


The beef between the two started when Sharpe brought up a quote attributed to Durant on the FS1 show called “Undisputed.” Sharpe is a cohost of the show along with Skip Bayless and Jenny Taft. The quote said Durant’s two championship rings are the most important in this generation and imply that he is better than Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James because the pair of rings came at his expense.

Sharpe is one of the biggest LeBron fans out there and did not agree with the quote one bit. A significant portion of the show is spent on Sharpe debating that James is the GOAT, while Bayless argues that it is Michael Jordan.

The problem is Durant never said the quote, so the Nets star went on Twitter to make sure everyone knew that, calling Sharpe out in the process. The fake quote made the rounds a couple of months ago and even ESPN analyst Jay Williams fell for it. KD and Sharpe went back and forth a bit before the former tight end mashed that block button on Tuesday.

We’ll see if this feud continues.