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Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie leaks potential date of NBA return

Spencer Dinwiddie

Brooklyn Nets point guard Spencer Dinwiddie leaked what could be the potential restart of the 2019-20 season: July 15.

Dinwiddie responded to a tweet claiming the NBA will be back by June 21. The guard responded that is merely the the start of practice, which would fit with the three-week timeline players requested to be able to gear up for a return to the season.

Training Camp 2.0 is bound to take place in teams’ individual practice facilities. At the end of it, players of the Western Conference will move to a bubble site in Las Vegas (likely MGM Grand) and Eastern Conference players would play in Orlando (Disney World) to finish out a proposed 70-game season.

That would give most teams roughly five more games to finish out the regular season and head into the playoffs. The 70-game mark would allow teams to comply with regional broadcast conditions, salvaging some of the revenue that would have been lost if the remainder of the season was canceled.

If Dinwiddie has the inside scoop, it would make sense that the NBA will take its time to regroup all players, considering some have returned to their hometowns and others, like Luka Doncic, have returned to their homeland and would need to travel back to the United States.

Should the Nets guard be right about this, the NBA season could be less than a couple of months away from resuming and the postseason could roll well into September, as the league finds a way to crown a champion at all costs.