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Report: Nets currently not engaging Timberwolves for Jimmy Butler trade

Jimmy Butler, Timberwolves, Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are not engaging the Minnesota Timberwolves in trade conversations for All-Star forward Jimmy Butler, according to Greg Logan of Newsday. The Nets are one of the three teams handpicked by Butler, but the most quiet so far, likely reflecting the same confidence as the LA Clippers and the New York Knicks that the franchise can acquire him as a free agent next summer.

Logan noted that things could change, but the Nets have adopted the same doctrine as the Clippers and Knicks, unwilling to sacrifice assets for a player they could pitch in free agency next summer.

The Nets are reportedly third in that list of three, with the Clippers leading the charge, according to Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype — making them a distant hopeful due to their NBA-best $65 million of salary cap space available for 2019.

The feeling is that if it was Kyrie Irving that was available for trade, it’d be a different story.

The shortlist of three has now grown to 12 potential teams willing to swing a deal for Butler, giving Minnesota’s brass more options than they initially had.

President/head coach Tom Thibodeau has been resistant to the idea of trading Butler, but now that he must, it’s very likely he will be very selective with incoming offers. Thibodeau knows he has zero leverage trading Butler, an estranged star unwilling to make it work with his young team, but he still won’t settle for a bundle of draft picks.

It looks like for now, sights of Butler in a Nets jersey are more distant than initially thought.