The Brooklyn Nets are prepared to go all-in for James Harden of the Rockets. Well, as long as they don't have to give up one of their current stars.

The Nets are throwing the proverbial “kitchen sink” in an effort to acquire the Houston Rockets superstar, according to The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor.

“The Brooklyn deal, it's good.” O'Connor said on The Ringer NBA Show. “If you get all of those picks — and I've heard they are throwing the kitchen sink at Houston for James Harden — and [Caris LeVert], and [Spencer] Dinwiddie, that's a really strong offer for a player who wants to leave.”

O'Connor doesn't believe that offer — which would likely include center Jarrett Allen, too — is not quite enticing enough for the Rockets, who have Harden under contract for two more seasons.

“It's not a long shot,” O'Connor said about Harden being on the Rockets next season. “What's the incentive to make a deal now? They could wait…and potentially have more opportunities to trade him for more than what Brooklyn can offer. Brooklyn can offer all of their future first round picks, all of their future pick swaps, Caris LeVert, Jarret Allen, and that's it.”

“For the Rockets, is this the deal you want to make now?…You don't just trade guys like that for offers that aren't no-brainers, and Brooklyn right now isn't offering a no-brainer…It's just not there yet.”

There have been conflicting reports about the status of a Harden-to-Brooklyn deal. On Monday, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Harden rejected a $103 million extension from the Rockets and is “singularly focused” on a trade to the Nets. But Houston is understandably reluctant to part with their superstar.

Anthony Puccio of Front Office Sports reported that Brooklyn and Houston have reached a verbal agreement on a blockbuster trade. However, The Athletic's Shams Charania said the Rockets were only willing to deal Harden if either Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving is included in the return package.

According to Woj, Houston would prefer to mend their relationship with Harden and make him “a Rocket for life.”

“There has been contact between the Nets and Rockets, but no real substantive conversation,” Wojnarowski said on ESPN. “They want to try to find a way to rebuild this relationship. But, if they are gonna move James Harden, they want a mountain in return. It's unclear to them whether Brooklyn could offer the kind of assets — players, picks — all the things they want.”

Wojnarowski added that the relationship may be “too far gone” from Harden's end, and that Russell Westbrook is available in trade talks, as well.