We look forward every weekend to the opportunity to rest and recuperate. This weekend is no different, so here is our list of what's new to Netflix this weekend of January 21 – 23.

The usual disclaimer: Netflix may still shadow drop a show we don’t know about this weekend, so please be easy on us in case that happens. All of the information we’re sharing with you is still accurate as of January 21, 2:30 AM Eastern.

New to Netflix this weekend (January 21 – 23)

January 21

  • Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman
  • Munich – The Edge of War
  • My Father’s Violin
  • Ozark (Season 4 – Part 1)
  • Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series (Part 2) – the second part of the Pokemon series soft reboot that follows Ash's research fellowship is back, and this time, Ash Ketchum will be continuing his travels on the Hoenn region.
  • Summer Heat (Season 1)
  • That Girl Lay Lay (Season 1)

January 22

Sadly, we don't have any new shows this Saturday.

January 23

And neither does Sunday, so make sure to watch your share from the Friday list instead.

And that's all of what's new to Netflix shows this weekend. To check out everything else that's new this month, check our article on that here. See you guys again next week, and happy watching!