NFL Draft news: Nick Bosa listened to advice about Pro Day being 'unimportant'
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Nick Bosa listened to advice about Pro Day being ‘unimportant’ ahead of NFL Draft

Nick Bosa, NFL Draft

Nick Bosa is one of the top prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft and has listened to advice about his Ohio State Pro Day being “unimportant.”

According to NBC Sports, Bosa didn’t make it clear about where he got this clearly invaluable chestnut from, but he made it clear that he was going to “do him” and not worry about the potential fallout from it.

“I just trust the people close to me and they said it was unimportant. I got to do what’s smart for me.”

NBC Sports is under the impression that Bosa is a genius along the lines of Albert Einstein for this bit of wisdom, and there are a few others who certainly agree.

USA Today feels, for example, that Nick Bosa is a top prospect in the NFL, and therefore, he shouldn’t have to entertain the nonsense that’s inherent in these Pro Day exhibitions.

From USA Today:

“There’s a ton of tape on these guys and the tape is what should hold the most sway when teams pick a player. They can see if someone is good at football or not by actually watching football. We know everything we need to know about Bosa, Haskins, Williams, Murray and a handful of other prospects.”

So, basically, because Nick Bosa is a good player — someone that will get drafted regardless of what happens during Pro Day — many publications feel he should be exempt from what goes on there. That can certainly lead to a slippery slope of entitled athletes posing and preening, but if they like it, we love it.