As the NFL scouting combine begins its four-day schedule, top prospects from all over the country are looking to impress teams for an increased draft stock. One name in the mix of things is defensive back Tyler Owens. A fifth-year senior out of Texas Tech, Owens made headlines on Thursday by opening up on his personal beliefs about space…if there was any belief at all.

“I don't believe in space,” Owens said, per Bleacher Report's Brent Sobleski. “I'm real religious…I don't think there's other planets and other stuff like that.”

In addition, Owens also mentioned that to him, certain flat-earth theories had valid points.

A widely discussed topic among conspiracy theorists, the flat-earth conspiracy leans toward the idea that the earth is shaped like a flat disc. While this has already been scientifically disproven, flat-earth societies still thrive today, mainly in the far reaches of social media.

Going back to Owens, the 6-foot-2, 210-pound defensive back played two seasons for Texas Tech football after three years with the Texas Longhorns. In 2023, Owens tallied 37 tackles (30 solo and seven assisted) to go with two passes defended for the Red Raiders.

Interestingly, Owens isn't the only prospect in this year's combine with head-turning comments. Illinois tight end Tip Reiman is apparently part of the “Birds Aren't Real” movement. His theories on whether or not pigeons are real drew plenty of reactions from the football community online.

The 2024 combine may be loaded with plenty of prospects, but Tyler Owens and Tip Reiman already have a head start in publicity among their peers.