NFL new: Devonta Freeman rebukes retirement rumors
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Devonta Freeman rebukes retirement rumors

Devonta Freeman, NFL

With Devonta Freeman still searching for work in free agency, there were reports that he could take the 2020 NFL season off or even retire. Not long after those reports surfaced, Freeman quickly refuted the retirement rumors surrounding his name.

In response to the rumors of retirement, Freeman tweeted on Monday, “I got 10 more years in me. Kill that fake retirement sh-t!! & Btw F all y’all!”. The tweet was deleted hastily, with the veteran running back probably realizing the tweet was made in bad taste.

Earlier this NFL offseason, the Atlanta Falcons released Freeman, allowing him to seek a new team for next season. However, the former fourth-round pick hasn’t been able to garner the contract he’s looking for thus far.

Nearly a week ago, the Seattle Seahawks expressed interest in Freeman, offering him a one-year, $4 million deal. While the Seahawks gave him a chance to play for a winning franchise, Freeman wasn’t a fan of the offer he was given.

As a result, he turned down the offer, prompting Seattle to sign veteran Carlos Hyde instead. Despite wanting a decent payday, Freeman is finding out there may not be a huge market for running backs right now.

At 28 years old and having injury concerns in recent seasons, teams are likely cautious about signing Freeman. Nevertheless, the former Seminole believes he could play another 10 seasons in the NFL.

For that to be obtainable, Freeman would likely need to accept a reserved role to preserve his body. Though, up to this point, he hasn’t shown any willingness of taking less than he believes he’s worth.