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2020 NFL year will likely start on time

The NFLPA player representatives chose to advance the vote for the new CBA to the player’s union, and it seems that a verdict will be coming soon. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the 2020 league year is trending toward starting on time.

On Wednesday, the NFLPA player representatives voted 17-14 in favor of the proposed CBA plan. Now, for the new CBA to come to fruition, the majority of the players in the NFL need to vote in favor of it.

As Jim Trotter of ESPN noted, ballots for the proposed CBA are expected to be given to the players on Monday. However, it is unclear when the deadline for the ballots to be submitted will be.

At the least, Rapoport believes the new league year will kick off on the date that is listed already. If the new league year does begin as scheduled, then March 18 would be the first day of the 2020 league year.

Of course, knowing the first day of the new league year is vital to all 32 teams. Once the league year gets underway, teams can begin signing free agents.

With the uncertainty surrounding the new CBA, some teams are choosing to patiently wait before making roster moves. Earlier on Friday, NFL’s Network’s Tom Pelissero revealed that the NFL and NFLPA are projecting a salary cap of $200 million in 2020. That is nearly a $10 million increase from the 2019 offseason.

It goes without saying that most teams would be ecstatic with a $10 million jump in salary cap this offseason. However, it seems to be dependent on the results of the player ballots for the proposed CBA.