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Antonio Brown’s bonkers rap performance at Rolling Loud in Miami draws epic reactions from Twitter

NFL, Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is really moving on from the NFL, though his latest career choice has raised some eyebrows.

While we’re not certain what AB wants to do next after his rather dramatic and controversial stint in the league, it seems he wants to give rapping a shot. That much is clear after he was seen performing at Rolling Loud in Miami on Friday.

He did look like he enjoyed his performance and showing up for the fans.

Of course Antonio Brown’s appearance in the music festival drew mixed reactions. He did receive plenty of support, with former NFL star Chad Johnson even sharing how much he loves the performance. There were also a lot others who just enjoyed seeing him there and living his best life despite the haters trying to pull him down.


As usual, some couldn’t help but poke fun at Antonio Brown and mock him. A few basically didn’t like his appearance and performance, while others couldn’t believe he chose rapping instead of focusing on his NFL career.

Brown has been out of the NFL since his controversial walkout with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers late in the 2021 season. Many believe that it’s the final nail in the coffin of his professional football career, and that might be the case since he remains unsigned with no prospects of making a comeback.

For what it’s worth, Brown did say he won’t be playing in the NFL next campaign. With that said, he definitely has all the time in the world to explore other careers he want to pursue.