NFL news: Date for the start of all team training camps has been revealed
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Date for the start of all NFL team training camps has been revealed


The NFL officially recognized July 28 as the starting date for training camps for franchises, the league announced on Monday evening.

According to the NFL, rookies and “selected players” may report earlier to camps than the July 28 target date.

The NFL’s decision on a date for the start of the offseason’s training camps comes during a week of virtual meetings by officials, including a decision to plan social justice initiatives such as encouraging voting “education and registration.”

The NFL has sought to maintain a semblance of health and safety while the United States’ COVID-19 crisis persists in many states, including Florida, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers held practices, spearheaded by star quarterback Tom Brady, in spite of the NFLPA’s warnings.

The league has been hit the least hard by coronavirus, due to the fall/winter schedule for the sport, but such events as the NFL Draft, OTAs, and minicamps, have been pushed back or canceled due to the public health crisis.

For rookies, their entrance into the NFL has been fraught with less time to participate in workouts with new teammates. Some teams have seen players organize informal workouts with another, such as reigning Offensive Rookie of the Year quarterback Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals down in Texas.

The July 28 NFL training camp date was previously reported as the consensus among players over a week ago. This date was recognized so players and officials could get proper testing done first to signal any red flags in cases of coronavirus before congregating together in what is undeniably a contact sport.