NFL news: Eli Manning hilariously claps back at Peyton Manning
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Eli Manning hilariously claps back at Peyton Manning

Eli Manning, Peyton Manning

Earlier this week, Eli Manning decided to cave in and join Twitter to pass some time. He is already taking some shots at brother Peyton Manning. During Peyton’s long-awaited golf match on Sunday, Eli responded to Peyton’s comments about him being his older brother’s caddie.

On Sunday, Peyton is taking part in a golf match with Tiger Woods against a team of Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson. Prior to the start of the match, Peyton was asked who he would have brought to be his caddie if he was given the chance.

While deliberately throwing jabs at Brady, Peyton said that he should have brought Eli Manning or Nick Foles as his caddie. To make it even more interesting, Peyton exclaimed that he could have also had Bill Belichick helping him.

But after Peyton mentioned, Eli Manning didn’t take long to respond, saying he can’t always carry the team. Even though Peyton landed a comedic shot at Brady by mentioning his younger brother and Foles, Eli can say he’s done something Peyton didn’t.

Before retiring earlier this offseason, Eli was able to defeat Brady twice in the Super Bowl. Those two Super Bowl rings, along with his decent numbers, are why Eli Manning is argued to be a future Hall of Famer by many.

Over the years, we’ve seen Eli Manning and Peyton Manning poke fun at each other like typical siblings.

Now that both of them are retired, they should have more time to make fun of one another. It’s only been a couple of days, but Eli Manning has already mastered the art of tweeting.

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