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Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon settles sexual harassment lawsuit

Warren Moon

On Hall of Fame weekend, there is some news involving a Hall of Fame quarterback, but the news on Warren Moon isn’t for a positive reason.

According to reports, Warren Moon settled his sexual harassment lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed in December of 2017 by Wendy Haskell, Moon’s former assistant. At the time, Moon denied the allegations Haskell made.

In the lawsuit, Haskell said that Moon made “unwanted and unsolicited” advances toward her while she worked for Moon. Haskell’s employer was Sports 1 Marketing, a company based in California, co-owned by Moon.

After the settlement was made, Haskell’s attorney believed justice was served in the settlement. However, the terms of the settlement are unknown at this time.

“Both sides realized the appropriate thing to do was to settle with my client,” Haskell’s attorney, Diana L. Fitzgerald, told the newspaper. “We’re very pleased with the settlement and believe justice is served.”

Before this case began, Warren Moon was working with the Seattle Seahawks, doing radio shows. While the case was going on, he took a leave of absence from the organization.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Moon has made the news for the wrong reasons. In 1995, Moon’s wife Felicia said she was hit and choked by Moon in an argument between the two.

That same year, Moon was also sued by a Vikings cheerleader for offering cash for sex.  That case was settled outside of court.

This weekend is a week of celebration for the players who earned their right to be a Hall of Famer. As for Warren Moon, there have been blemishes in his private life that question the use of “Hall of Famer” before his name.