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NFL news: Hue Jackson opens up about depression after Browns firing

hue jackson

The Cleveland Browns seem to be on the path of ascension with new head coach Freddie Kitchens. On the other hands, former head coach Hue Jackson revealed that he was in a bad state after he was fired by the team.

In an article for Sports Illustrated by Greg Bishop, Jackson discussed what he went through after he had his label as the head coach stripped from him. Jackson has been around the NFL since 2001 but has never felt the depressing feeling he has now while reflecting on his time with the Browns.

 “Football is what made me feel like who I am,” he says. “People might say that’s too far. No, it’s not. You can’t be good at what you do if you don’t pour all of yourself into it.”

Last season, Cleveland was entering its third year with Jackson at the helm.  They began the season with a 2-5-1 record and were grasping for ways to improve. Shortly after their eighth game, the organization informed Jackson that they were moving in another direction.

The Browns announced defensive coordinator Gregg Williams as the interim head coach. Eventually, Freddie Kitchens would be promoted to become the team’s head coach for 2019.

Everyone knows the lack of success that came during Jackson’s time with the Browns. Over his three seasons with the organization, Jackson managed to have a 3-36-1 record—including an 0-16 showing in 2017.

After Jackson was relieved of his duties with the Browns, the longtime coach landed with the Cincinnati Bengals as an assistant to Marvin Lewis. Lewis has been a personal friend of Jackson’s since both spent 2012-2015 on the same staff in Cincinnati. However, Lewis was fired as the head coach after the 2018 season after spending 16 seasons with the franchise.

As a result of Lewis being ousted, Jackson was being released by his second team in the past year. The head coach remains in a ‘dark period’ of his life but hopes to earn his way back into the NFL ranks soon.