NFL news: Julian Edelman's thoughtful response to DeSean Jackson
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Julian Edelman speaks out with thoughtful message in response to DeSean Jackson post

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The Philadelphia Eagles’ DeSean Jackson made some hurtful comments pertaining to the Jewish community with his anti-Semitic posts on social media. Julian Edelman, the veteran wideout for the New England Patriots, put out a thoughtful message responding to Jackson’s comments.

The No. 1 wide receiver for the Patriots begins the video by stating that he’s been asked about the situation involving Jackson. Seeing that Edelman is part of the Jewish community, he felt the need to express his thoughts on the matter.

While discussing the topic, Edelman shared that he didn’t become invested in his Jewish heritage until later in his life. However, he’s always known that there has been hate directed toward his community. Furthermore, he makes clear that anti-Semitism is something that’s been happening for hundreds of years.

Instead of chastising Jackson for his actions, Edelman believes this is a perfect time to begin a conversation. Zach Banner of the Pittsburgh Steelers took a similar approach, calling for everyone to embrace the Jewish community as one of their own. Both Edelman and Banner preached the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement as well.

After sharing his heritage, Edelman recalls a moment in 2011 when he experienced hate firsthand on the football field. During a game, the sure-handed wide receiver was called an ethnic slur that is a derogatory term used against members of the Jewish community.

The 11-year veteran concluded his message by extending an offer to Jackson to visit the Holocaust and African American history museums in Washington D.C.