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DeSean Jackson posts anti-Semitic quote on social media

Eagles, DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson, the wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, created some controversy among his 1.4 million followers on Instagram over the July 4th weekend. Despite speaking out against racial issues, Jackson posted an anti-Semitic quote on social media.

In the questionable post to his Instagram account, Jackson believed he was quoting Adolf Hitler. However, unbeknownst to the big-play wide receiver, the quote didn’t come from Hitler at all.

While Jackson believed it would be a good idea to share the image on social media, he was quickly met with backlash from fans. Besides using quotes that weren’t uttered by Hitler, Jackson also quoted Louis Farrakhan on his Instagram. Farrakhan, who is the leader of the Nation of Islam, is known to be anti-Semitic and homophobic.

Of course, in a time where everyone is attempting to work toward equality, Jackson’s posts weren’t welcomed by many. The veteran wide receiver believes that his comments were misconstrued, causing some confusion among his following.

“Anyone who feels I have hate towards the Jewish community took my post the wrong way,” the Eagles veteran wrote, via his social media. “I have no hatred in my heart towards no one!”

When George Floyd died in police custody in May, Jackson delivered a powerful speech to the Eagles. Jason Kelce, Philadelphia’s Pro Bowl center, felt inspired to discuss his opinion on Floyd’s death following Jackson’s speech to the team.

Jackson has been one of the most vocal players when it comes to racial issues in America. But his recent comments definitely raised some eyebrows over the weekend. As of this moment, the Eagles haven’t released a statement or commented on the situation.