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NFL paid less than $10 million to settle Colin Kaepernick’s grievance case

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid’s settlement with the NFL was never publicly disclosed, but according to a new story, it looks like both players will be paid much less than what was initially thought to be the case.

According to a new story by the Wall Street Journal, sources briefed on the settlement deal have disclosed that both players will receive less than $10 million in a settlement from the NFL after alleging that the league colluded to keep them off the field. This number is far from the $60-80 million that was originally reported when the case was settled.

Reid – now a member of the Carolina Panthers – and Kaepernick initially alleged that the NFL purposely colluded to keep them both off the field after the pair led protests during the national anthem. While Reid has since found a team willing to play him, Kaepernick hasn’t had the same opportunity, with any around the league thinking that it has to do specifically with the protests.

While no evidence or deliberations were revealed from the various hearings that Kaepernick and Reid had with the league, a large contingency of people point to the poor state of backup quarterbacks in the league as proof that Kaepernick is being purposely avoided. While he may not be starting quarterback material to some teams, it’s hard to argue that he could be any worse than some of the backup quarterbacks currently rostered in the NFL.

Despite that, it looks like the league has come away from this having paid much less than initially thought, and possibly avoiding the negative press of a grievance going against them. For Reid and Kaepernick, both players still have NFL aspirations, with Reid recently signing a 3-year deal with the Panthers, and Kaepernick suggesting he would still love to play in the league. Only time will tell if a team will take a chance on him.