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New NFL CBA could be ratified by NFLPA as early as Thursday


Nearly a week ago, the NFLPA player representatives chose to approve the new Collective Bargaining Agreement that the NFL proposed, leaving it up to the players to make the final decision. According to ESPN’s Dan Graziano, the new CBA could be ratified by the NFLPA as early as Thursday.

Each player in the NFL will receive a ballot to cast their vote on whether they are against or for the proposed CBA. Furthermore, they will have until March 12 to submit their vote and the results will be revealed shortly after.

Of course, March 12 is the final day for teams to utilize their franchise tag. Therefore, owners would like to get the new CBA in place before that date arrives.

As expected, the NFL’s proposed CBA has been met with support from some players and opposition from others. At the forefront of the new CBA, the NFL wants to extend the regular season to 17 games. Besides the extended regular season, the NFL is willing to increase player benefits and increase the salary cap.

Despite some of the positives that are included in the proposed plan, Russell Wilson expressed that he was against the new CBA. Prior to Wilson, veterans like Aaron Rodgers and J.J. Watt also exclaimed why they are voting no for the new CBA.

Even though the current CBA isn’t set to expire until after the 2020 season, the league is trying to get a new deal in place as soon as possible. The soonest that a new CBA could be finalized is on Thursday. But with the players divided on the matter, a resolution could take more time than expected.