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Players vote to approve new NFL CBA that includes 17-game season, expanded playoffs


The deadline for players to vote on the NFL’s new Collective Bargaining concluded on Saturday night and the results have been finalized. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the players have voted to approve the new NFL CBA that includes a 17-game season and expanded playoffs.

Throughout the voting process for the new NFL CBA, there has been a divide among the players in the NFL whether to vote yes or no. As a matter of fact, the NFLPA released a statement showing how close the vote results actually were.

For months, the NFL has been attempting to negotiate a proposed plan that is centered around a 17-game season. In addition, the NFL wanted to expand the playoffs to an extra team in each conference while reducing the preseason to three games.

At the same time, current players will see an increased share in the revenue and former players will get more benefits from the league. Despite the positives that the league inserted into the new CBA, there were obviously players beside Aaron Rodgers, Richard Sherman, and J.J. Watt that felt strongly against the proposed plan.

With a new CBA in place, teams will only have one franchise tag at their disposal instead of the two that were given in the previous CBA. In light of that, teams will have until Monday to choose to use their franchise tag or not.

Also, the ratification of the new CBA prevents a work stoppage from occurring in 2021. With that being said, there’s no doubt that some of the players will continue to voice their frustrations with the new CBA that is locked in through the 2030 season.