NFL news: Reggie Wayne sees Peyton Manning being an NFL owner
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Reggie Wayne sees Peyton Manning being an NFL owner

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There has been a lot of talk about Peyton Manning someday becoming a general manager, and some had even linked him to the New York Jets opening. His former teammate Reggie Wayne sees the future Hall of Famer staying involved in football, but rather as an owner.

Wayne doesn’t think Manning wants to give an owner a chance to fire him and Manning would rather be the one calling the shots.

“General manager? Absolutely not,” Wayne said via the Denver Post. “You think Peyton Manning would give an owner an opportunity to fire him or have a head coach backstab him and throw shade. Peyton, he would not allow that. … What I do see him doing is being an owner. I see him being an owner somewhere down the line. That’s more of Peyton Manning.”

Wayne thinks that Manning would like to be in the role of general manager as the owner, and could see him like a Jerry Jones type.

“I think he would be the new, modern Jerry Jones. I think he’ll be an owner/GM. He probably won’t do as many media obligations as Jerry does, but I see him being that kind of owner.”

This is just pure speculation by Wayne, and it doesn’t seem that Manning even has any interest in buying a team now, but at some point down the road, it would make sense for Manning to own a team. There is nothing to say he would be successful, but it would be some good entertainment seeing him make the transition.