NFL news: 'Sky judge' proposals withdrawn, league will not expand officials
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‘Sky judge’ proposals withdrawn as NFL will not expand officiating personnel

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The NFL and its owners are discussing possible rule changes for 2020, with some ideas gaining traction. Ahead of the voting process, “sky judge” proposals have been withdrawn as the NFL will not expand its officiating personnel, per NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.

This past week, there were some teams that proposed an idea for onside kicks to be altered. Instead of attempting an onside kick, teams would be able to attempt a fourth-and-15. While that idea is gaining notoriety, the league is tabling discussions along with the sky judge proposition.

Even though both the AAF and XFL failed to maintain their leagues, the two alternative football leagues implemented a sky judge in the booth. The job of the sky judge was to be an extra set of eyes from above that have a better view of everything happening on the field. As a result, both the AAF and the XFL received praise for how the idea succeeded.

Seeing how it worked in other leagues, the Baltimore Ravens and Los Angeles Chargers proposed that the NFL consider adopting the idea. However, the NFL hasn’t shown any willingness to add another personnel member to the officiating crews.

At the same time, the league plans on having more communication from the booth to the officials in the upcoming preseason. In recent years, the NFL has seen some issues arise from the questionable calls being made by referees.

There’s no doubt that the league has a problem pertaining to its officials. But the NFL doesn’t believe installing a sky judge in the booth is the solution to their blatant problem.