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NFL teams to hold training camps at home facilities

NFL training camp, Panthers, Wofford

The league has had to take unprecedented action heading into the 2020 NFL season due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It appears the adjustments will continue well into training camp.

According to Pete Yanity of WSPA, the NFL plans on issuing a statement telling teams to stay at their facilities for training camp. This was confirmed by ESPN’s Adam Schefter:

The restrictions will have a significant impact on the handful of teams that are accustomed to going out of state for their training camp. Regardless, it seems to be part of the league’s plan to reduce the risk involved with such travel.

Teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders and Carolina Panthers are among those that were slated to leave their home facilities. The Cowboys have always held their camp in Oxnard, California while the Panthers have used Wofford College in Spartanburg since they were established in 1995.

Meanwhile, the Raiders find themselves dealing with more challenges from a logistical standpoint than most teams given their ongoing relocation this offseason. The restrictions indicate that they will use their new facility in Henderson, Nevada instead of their usual base of operations in Napa, California.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has been adamant about maintaining the timeline of the 2020 campaign. Ensuring teams will be able to enjoy a productive training camp will be a key step in making this come to fruition.