TJ Lang has had his fair share of moments in his time in the NFL. In his 10-year professional career, the Michigan native played 138 regular season games and probably a hundred more scrimmages and practices at that.

This also means that the former offensive guard has had a ton of memorable (and tweet-able) moments in the NFL. As such, he recalled one of his favorite ones in a recent tweet.

Lang reminisced a preseason tune-up game against the St. Louis Rams when he was still suiting up for the Green Bay Packers.  Quarterback Aaron Rodgers called a play and shouted “PULL, PULL” and Rams defensive end Chris Long responded and yelled back to Rodgers, “Pull? Pull these nuts Aaron!”

Real mature, Chris.

As silly as it sounds, Long's trash talk actually worked. Lang recounted that the whole line of scrimmage broke out in laughter and eventually got the Packers stuffed by the Rams' defense.

TJ Lang played a total of eight season with the Packers where he was named to the NFL Pro Bowl once in 2016. He was alongside Rodgers in their historic Super Bowl XLV win in 2011 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 32-year-old vet then signed a three-year contract with the Detriot Lions, getting selected to the Pro Bowl again in 2017 before multiple injuries forced him into an early retirement in March 2019.

Chris Long, meanwhile, also responded to Lang on Twitter with a nodding GIF of approval. NFL retirement has definitely been treating these two quite well it seems.