The Philadelphia Eagles' undefeated run was bound to end sooner or later, but sure enough, no one would have thought it would come at the hands of the Washington Commanders. Naturally, Jalen Hurts and co. received some heavy trolling after their rather shocking performance against the NFC East's bottom dwellers.

After a 14-7 first quarter, a lot of fans thought the Eagles were on their way to another dominant victory. However, they couldn't be more wrong, with the Commanders turning the tables in the second half and never looking back en route to the 32-21 win.

Philadelphia went scoreless in the second and third quarters, allowing Washington to build a solid cushion that they wouldn't relinquish until time expired. With that, the Eagles suffered their first loss of the campaign, while the Commanders improved to 5-5 to keep their playoff hopes very much alive.

Folks from around NFL Twitter couldn't help but mock Philly for the loss, with the happiest being the fans of the other NFC East teams. The Eagles are still 8-1 and atop the division, but things get tighter now.

Sure enough, others are full simply in disbelief of the Commanders. After all, heading to the Monday Night Football showdown, a lot of people expected Philly to come out 9-0.

“THE COMMANDERS????? OF ALL THE TEAMS YOU LOST TO THE COMMANDERS???? WHAT THE FUCK” one Twitter user said, while another one wrote, “The Commanders somehow always beat the undefeated team and I love it.”

For their part, the Commanders shared the perfect tweet to hit back at all their haters and doubters. They have actually now won four of their last five games, and the win against the Eagles is just the ultimate icing on the cake.

It's definitely a wild way to end Week 10 of NFL football, but hey, fans got to give credit to the Commanders for that massive upset.