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Patrick Mahomes, Michael Thomas, stars come together in clip supporting Black Lives Matter

Patrick Mahomes, Michael Thomas

As the entire United States and many other countries around the world grapple with systemic and institutionalized racism by peacefully protesting, NFL players from many teams banded together to create a powerful video. The video, which was posted by Jarvis Landry, wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, features a variety of big names. The list includes former MVP Patrick Mahomes Odell Beckham Jr. and Pro-Bowler Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys.


Michael Thomas being a major figure in the video is perhaps the most notable inclusion after his former quarterback Drew Brees was in the news recently after he was quoted discussing players taking a knee during the national anthem in the NFL:

β€œI will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country.”

Of course, internet sleuths discovered Brees kneeling with his teammate a few seasons ago in solidarity with Black Lives Matter movement.

Thomas did not seem pleased that Brees opted to defend the flag rather than the lives of innocent people who have been – and continue to be – snuffed out on a daily basis due to something as random as the color of their skin.

The actual video itself features big-name players speaking directly to the camera and claiming that they themselves could have been the victims of these heinous acts of racial profiling. With their large platform, let’s hope the video reaches those who still hold to antiquated and dangerous beliefs.