The Virtual Liver group NIJISANJI welcomes its newest members with the debut of their latest wave, Noctyx. The newest additions belong to NIJISANJI EN (commonly shortened to NijiEN), the English speaking branch of the group. Now, NijiEN expands to 20 members with the introduction of its latest members. The all-male Noctyx is comprised of five members, namely, Sonny Brisko, Uki Violeta, Alban Knox, Fulgur Ovid, and Yugo Asuma.

The debut program was hosted by members of previous NIJISANJI EN generations: Remiu Endou of Ethyria and Ike Eveland from Luxiem.

Sonny Brisko

First to debut was Sonny Brisko. His official description reads: “An Officer from the future with a straightforward attitude. He’s reliable in a pinch despite being rough around the edges.” He opened strong with a lore video featuring him.

He introduced his goals for the future, one of which was reach 100,000 subscribers. As of the time of writing, Sonny Brisko has already garnered 73 thousand subscribers, less than a day after his debut.

Uki Violeta

A Psychic from the future with enigmatic powers. Though he appears somewhat shy, strange things follow wherever he goes.

Uki Violeta was up next. His debut video started with a solemn song, setting the tone for his entire debut stream.

His 25-minute debut stream was warmly received by his newfound fans entranced by his serene voice. As of the time of writing, Uki Violeta has 71 thousand subscribers.

Alban Knox

Phantom Thief Alban Knox was up next. Described as “a Phantom Thief from the future with exceptional stealth” and “a free yet mischievous spirit who is hard to pin down,” his lore video at the beginning of the debut stream was unexpectedly tear-jerking. His cheerful demeanor though, was quick to lift his audience’s spirits up.

Alban Knox has amassed 86 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel, the highest among all of his genmates.

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Fulgur Ovid

A Cyborg from the future with unparalleled strength. His body is partly cold steel, and who’s to say if he has a heart?

Fulgur Ovid’s sci-fi lore video was presented in a manga style voiced by him. In his debut stream, he gave his audience a good look at his techwear and entire model.

Fulgur Ovid currently sports 54.5 thousand subscribers.

Yugo Asuma

A DJ from the future with a deep passion for music. He can put you in a trance with his voice and his beats.

Yugo Asuma’s debut video was true to his character’s lore: a banger. With wise usage of text-to-speech and great sound mixing, he put his audience into full immersion as a futuristic DJ.

Yugo Asuma’s channel currently has 58 thousand subscribers.

Original Song

Debut streams and special programs aside, Noctyx also launched their original song Stuck In The Abyss, which can be viewed here:

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