Stepping into the 2017-18 season, Nike is rolling out a lighter, more efficient jersey design, putting an end to home and road jerseys as it's been customary since the NBA‘s early days.

The known worldwide outfitter will present a modified version of the jerseys Team USA wore at the Rio 2016 Olympics, sporting a much-lighter and flexible design that will allow for better movement, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell.

The jersey also boasts a stitched logo, which raises off the jersey, bigger armholes and a different collar shape that integrates to the overall design.

Golden State Warriors Jersey
New Nike-made jersey prototype. Credit: Nike

The new jerseys will partly be made out of recycled plastic bottles, making this new version dry 15 percent faster than the current jersey model.

Teams will also no longer have a home and a road jersey, but instead have four primary jerseys to wear, with the home team having the choice of jersey and the away team to choose a color to contrast.

The “Association” style, which is formerly known as the home white uniform and the “Icon” is the design previously known as the road jersey, featuring the team’s primary color.

The other two primary uniforms will be revealed in the coming months with eight teams to have a “Classic” uniform to wear at their discretion, inspired from the city the team plays in. The Classic jerseys will be available starting this fall.

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Nine teams have already partnered with sponsors to put a corporate logo on their uniforms. These logos won't appear on the jerseys sold by national retailers, but teams can choose to sell the jerseys with ad patches to their fans.

The NBA's deal with Nike officially starts in Oct. 1.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.