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Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets

Nikola Jokic now ranks among the best playoff scorers in NBA history

Nikola Jokic has really stepped up his game for the Denver Nuggets in the 2020 NBA playoffs, drawing immense praise from his teammates. After averaging just under 20 points per game during the regular season, Jokic is scoring 26.1 points per game during this playoff run. That brings his career playoff scoring average to 25.6 points per game, tied with Kobe Bryant for 10th most all-time (with a minimum of 1,000 minutes played).

On the Locked On Nuggets Podcast, hosts Adam Mares and Matt Moore discussed how Nikola Jokic has become a great scorer and where he now stands all-time.

Matt Moore: I think with Joker we already kind of knew this… this is what I expected from him. He was great last year and it’s cool to see him absolutely torch a team this good.

Adam Mares: Jokic improved his points per game so I know that his assist numbers went down, but nonetheless, the fact that he could score 26 against Gobert and then again in this series. Scoring 26 points against this team, that’s the thing people always question, ‘could he score, could you shut him down and make him a scorer?’

Oh, by the way, can I give you this fun fact? He is now averaging more career points playoff points per game than all but nine NBA players, one of which is Kobe Bryant number 11, Jokic number 10!

Matt: Wow. Wow.

Adam: Isn’t that a wild stat? This is minimum, I think it’s a minimum of 1,000 minutes or so. So it’s somebody that’s actually played in more than one or two series, but nonetheless, man…

Matt: Wow, that’s really good… and impressive.