Get active in soccer, badminton, tennis, volleyball, and chambara when the Nintendo Switch Sports release date rolls in!

Nintendo Switch Sports Release Date: April 29, 2022

Nintendo Switch Sports launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on April 29, 2022.

Nintendo Switch Sports has taken the Nintendo community by storm since its announcement back in February. Now, players will finally get to enjoy the game with friends and family in their living rooms and outdoors.

The long-awaited Wii Sports successor is finally on the Nintendo Switch! Nintendo Switch Sports will feature three returning sports – Tennis, Bowling, and Chambara (Japanese sword-fighting), while also introducing three new sports – Badminton, Soccer, and Volleyball. Soccer is exceptionally fun because it lets players strap their Joy-Cons on their thighs with the leg strap that came with Ring Fit Adventure so they can simulate penalty kicks – right in your living room! Nintendo Switch Sports is coming in hot this April.


Ziggy Chavez ·

This game is exactly what the Nintendo Switch has been made for. While the Nintendo Wii was more focused on the motion controls, it's amazing how a hybrid console like the Nintendo Switch actually has better motion tracking and feedback than its predecessor, making it an even better fit for the Nintendo Sports series. With that being said, we're still sad that baseball isn't making an appearance in this entry. Hopefully, DLC could arrive in the future expanding the already handful list of activities you can do in this game, paid or otherwise. It's amazing how Nintendo can work with their innovative technology with games like these, where motion controls don't feel shoehorned into a game but instead entire games built around the concept of motion controls.

Will you be picking up this game? We sure are.