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Nuggets forward Aaron Gordon finds magic in Denver with latest comments

Nuggets, Aaron Gordon

After a disappointing 2020-21 NBA season donning the Orlando Magic jersey, Aaron Gordon is simply ecstatic as the newest member of the Denver Nuggets. After helping his team win in his debut, Gordon showed nothing but love for the city.

Per Harrison Wind of DNVR Sports, Gordon shared his thoughts on the new city he’s playing for. In the Nuggets’ 126-102 victory, Gordon had 13 points in 21 minutes.

“The biggest surprise is how cool the city is. I didn’t realize that Denver is a gem. I think it’s slept on how dope the city is,” Gordon shared.

It’s safe to say that Aaron Gordon is one of the happiest NBA players today. After all, the Magic’s disappointing season led him to pursue a trade request, which the team eventually granted.

The Magic entered the season with much promise after two consecutive trips to the NBA playoffs. And not just that, but they were able to sneak in one victory over the Toronto Raptors in 2019 and the Milwaukee Bucks last year. Yes, they got eliminated in just five games, but winning over an elite team in the postseason is always a good milestone.

However, things didn’t go as planned. Markelle Fultz suffered an ACL tear and was ruled out for the season. The Magic still had a good solid core but things didn’t just line up. This forced the Magic to shake up their roster, eventually sending Gordon to the Nuggets.

From the looks of it, Gordon seems a perfect fit for the already-stacked Nuggets squad. The Mike Malone-coached team made some noise in the bubble last season, but they were simply outplayed by the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

Hopefully, the addition of Gordon will help the Nuggets’ resolve in the postseason as they look to get over the hump.