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Nuggets’ ‘Godzilla’ lineup could destroy teams in the postseason

Nuggets, Nikola Jokic, JaVale McGee

The Denver Nuggets went into Minnesota on Thursday and handled business against the Timberwolves to the tune of a 114-103 final score. As the regular season winds down and the Nuggets are secured into the postseason, head coach Mike Malone decided to tinker with his starting lineup. For the first time since acquiring him at the deadline, JaVale McGee started alongside Nikola Jokic in the front court. The results were so good the duo already is drawing inspiration for nicknames.

Via Sean Keeler of the Denver Post, the Nuggets usual reserve center off the bench, McGee, mentioned the nickname “Godzilla Brothers” after the win.

“The Godzilla Brothers,” Nuggets center JaVale McGee repeated. We’ve got to think about the name. We can’t just jump into a name. It’s a trademark, so we’ve got to make sure we select the right name.” – JaVale McGee.

Whatever nickname they want to use is fine as the duo seemed to work like a well-oiled machine together on the floor for the Nuggets. Jokic finished with 31 points and 14 points while McGee chimed in with 12 points and 13 rebounds. The double-double for McGee was his first since 2019. Minnesota had issues all night keeping either off the glass.

“It felt like us both being (in the starting lineup) at the same time is a great tandem, especially on the rebounding aspect. We feel like we just tap into each other, trying to get offensive rebounds and defensive rebound, and it’s an amazing feeling.” – McGee via Denver Post.

The Nuggets may have struck gold working this lineup in as an option at the finish line of the regular season. At worst, it makes other teams spend time studying it as the Nuggets could pull the card out of their sleeve at anytime. At best, Mike Malone actually implements the “Godzilla Brothers” lineup in the playoffs and it works successfully. Either way, the Nuggets appear to have found another outlet that will make them a brutal matchup in the playoffs.