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Nuggets’ Jamal Murray reacts to Clippers blaming chemistry for collapse

Jamal Murray, Nuggets, Clippers

Denver Nuggets star Jamal Murray opened up about the key role chemistry plays for each and every NBA team, especially inside the confines of the bubble. In the mind of the 23-year-old, this is exactly one of the elements that has allowed the Nuggets to excel throughout their amazing playoffs run thus far, including their amazing win against the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday.

According to the Nuggets guard, the unique circumstances inside the bubble only works to accentuate how important chemistry is for teams that are looking to compete for a championship this term:

“That’s something in this league, I would say,” Murray said, via Sam Amick of The Athletic. “There’s no crowd (in the bubble), so you look at the teams. Who are the best teams? Who plays the best together? Who works its stuff out the most together? Who can hit back the best? Who can hit the first punch? Who can stay together? Who crumbles? So I think without the crowd, it makes a big difference. It starts to expose, to show you, to show everybody, what teams are about. And (the Clippers) have a lot of talent. But you look at Miami, and Miami is one of the best — if you ask anybody around the league, Miami is one of the best teams. You see that in the playoffs this year. Boston is one of the best teams. We’re one of the best teams. We go out there, and when we’re rolling, we show it.”

Several members of the Clippers claimed that a lack of chemistry was a big factor in their collapse against Denver. It was crystal clear on Tuesday which team had the better chemistry, as the Nuggets took down the mighty Clippers in Game 7 of their second-round matchup. Denver exhibited its mental fortitude, coming back all the way from 3-1 down in the series to defeat LA. The Clippers looked completely lost as their season slipped away, and their lack of rapport was very much evident.

The Nuggets will need much more than chemistry in the next round, though, as they face a whole different monster in the Los Angeles Lakers. Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals tips off on Friday.