While this might be the Denver Nuggets' first-ever trip to the NBA Finals, this is actually a very experienced playoff squad. This is their fifth straight season playing in the postseason, which includes two trips to the Western Conference Finals. In 2020 inside the NBA bubble, the Nuggets faced off against eventual champions, the Los Angeles Lakers, which is why their 4-0 sweep against LeBron James and Co. at the same stage was sweet, sweet revenge for Denver.

The unforgettable events inside the unprecedented bubble during the pandemic definitely left their mark on Nuggets star Michael Porter Jr. While they ultimately failed to achieve their lofty goals that season, MPJ still holds a lot of fond memories from those days. Apparently, though, none of these memories compare to his poolside shenanigans with former teammate Bol Bol:

“Definitely the piña coladas at the pool. We would go to the pool every single day — me, Bol Bol, Torrey Craig. We would just go to the pool and drink piña coladas all day,” via Dan Devine of Yahoo Sports.

The NBA bubble was held in Orlando, Florida, so you just know that the sunny weather was just perfect — definitely much better than the blistering cold winter months in Denver. The players had the resort facilities all to themselves as well, and I'm pretty sure they had unlimited access to the pool bar too. That must have been quite a time for Porter and Co.

This time around, however, Michael Porter and the rest of the Nuggets are set to make new memories. For now, the piña coladas can wait until they dispose of the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.