The Denver Nuggets are one win from an NBA Finals victory as Game 5 approaches on Monday night. With the chance to close out the Miami Heat in five games, Colin Cowherd says it would be no surprise given that they are just simply the best team in the NBA, via The Herd.

“The Denver Nuggets have mowed through everybody…swept the Lakers, mowed through the Suns, humiliated Minnesota, and are hammering Miami. They are the best team. One team of 16 has mowed through it…they're just the best team.”

Colin Cowherd lists all the teams that the Nuggets have made quick work of and details all of the intangibles that the Nuggets are just better at than the rest of the NBA. It has shown in the postseason and is on full display through four games of the NBA Finals.

The Nuggets are at home for Game 5 on Monday, so there is no doubt that they would like to close out the Heat at Ball Arena. The Heat haven't really looked like a match for the Nuggets so far, and given how deadly the Nuggets have been at home this postseason, it would make a lot of sense if the series ended on Monday night.

For the Heat, they are looking to have the return of Tyler Herro in Game 5. It might be too late, but there really is nothing to lose at this point. Unfortunately for Miami, the same Nuggets squad will be lacing them up on the opposite end of the court, and this unit is undoubtedly the best team in the NBA this year.