Denver Nuggets star big man Nikola Jokic has been known to be a big fan of horse racing. Speaking with Rookie of the Year and Orlando Magic phenom Paolo Banchero, Jokic detailed when his love of horses began.

“Nobody in my family had ever been around horses and it was race day in my hometown and my family, my mom and dad brought me to the race and I started loving it. I fell in love with it and now I'm a big fan and following horses all over the world.”

Nikola Jokic tells Paolo Banchero that he wasn't born with a love for horses, but he grew into it. He talks about how when he was around 12 or 13 years old there was a race in his hometown and his parents took him to it; ever since then his love has grown and now he follows the sport across the world.

It is a great question from Paolo Banchero as he continues being an NBA media correspondent at the NBA Finals. It is nice to see two current ballers talk shop about something other than the game and passions they have in their personal lives. Jokic probably loved the question given how abrupt he has been with answers to other questions he has gotten recently. It is hard to blame him, as many of the questions that Jokic gets after games are simply based on speculation or desires for headlines.

For Nikola Jokic, he is currently looking ahead to Game 4 of the NBA Finals and an attempt to take a 3-1 lead before the Nuggets head back to Denver. He is probably hoping to close this series out as soon as possible so he can give himself more time to go see the horses at the racetrack this summer.