The NBA playoffs is the great differentiator. The greatest stars shine when the lights are at their brightest.  Given the grueling grind that it takes to make the NBA Finals, much less to win an NBA championship, it is an incredible feat whenever an NBA star reserves their best for when the stakes are at their greatest. And that is exactly what Jamal Murray has done as the Denver Nuggets take a 3-1 series lead over the Miami Heat following a 108-95 Game 4 win.

Murray may not have been able to match his Game 3 masterclass on Friday night, but he was still marvelous nonetheless. The Nuggets star tallied 12 assists without turning the ball over, which is historic in its own right. And following another stellar performance, he drew consideration for a prestigious distinction from Hall of Fame forward Paul Pierce.

Pierce, the 2008 NBA Finals MVP, declared Jamal Murray as the cream of the crop at the point in today's NBA.

“Jamal Murray is the best point [guard] in the league 😳😳😳,” Pierce wrote.

Of course, the Nuggets star is skyrocketing up people's best point guard lists given how well he has played throughout the 2023 NBA playoffs. But is Paul Pierce onto something by saying that Murray is a cut above the rest?

Whenever the topic of the best point guards in the league is brought up, one name immediately comes to mind: Stephen Curry. Curry has been the number one guy at the point since the 2014-15 season, and he's not slowing down anytime soon.

Jamal Murray is a talented player, make no mistake about it. But even if the Nuggets finish the job in Game 5, Murray's resume and overall body of work pales in comparison to that of Curry's.

Still, when starting a team from scratch, Murray is definitely rising as one of the point guards general managers would want to take with the intention of winning a championship. The Nuggets star has shown throughout his playoff career that he becomes a different animal come postseason time.

Paul Pierce may be jumping the gun. But that is not to say that his proclamations aren't without merit.