The discourse revolving around the NBA usually centers on the notion of “what have you done for me lately”. Pundits usually fall prey to the dreaded recency bias, rarely finding themselves free being prisoners of the moment. But when that moment is a 50-point performance in a Game 7, like Stephen Curry pulled off in a 120-100 victory for the Golden State Warriors, one can be forgiven for willingly incarcerating themselves.

Curry dropped arguably the most impressive performance of his career in Game 7 against the Sacramento Kings, willing his team to victory after dropping a galvanizing speech to fire up his Warriors teammates. As a result, Curry impressed noted pundit Kendrick Perkins so much to the point that the retired center even went as far as to declare the Warriors star as the best point guard in league history.

“[Steph Curry] is the greatest point guard to ever play the game of basketball. Period,” Perkins said on ESPN’s First Take.

Of course, it’s not difficult to be captivated by such a spellbinding performance from Stephen Curry. The fourth quarter was simply a Curry takeover for the Warriors, as he left nothing to chance after imposing his will on a Kings team that was simply no match for the undisputed best sharpshooter in NBA history.

Kendrick Perkins has had plenty of hot takes in the past, but this definitely isn’t one of them. The Warriors star definitely has an argument for being the best point guard in history, having won four championships over the past eight seasons. His legacy beyond the ring argument is also secure, as he has revolutionized the game of basketball by weaponizing the three-pointer to an unprecedented degree.

Nevertheless, other floor generals also have an ironclad case for being the best in their craft. Magic Johnson remains one of the consensus picks for this distinction, although Curry can put this argument to bed if he continues to lead the Warriors deep into the playoffs. And who knows, maybe Curry even ends up winning his fifth championship in the process?

At the end of the day, Curry’s greatness is simply astounding and everyone is blessed to be watching one of the GOATs in action.