After receiving some scrutiny earlier in the NBA Finals, the officiating crew for Game 7 went relatively unnoticed, and that's a good thing. There weren't any controversial calls that impacted the outcome in favor of the Cleveland Cavaliers, which has to be a relief for the league given all of the verbal berating that came their way throughout the playoffs.

From the beginning of the season, the NBA has been issuing last two minute reports to provide fans and viewers with total transparency for calls at the end of games, but in the postseason it has been questioned given the sheer quantity of missed calls cited in huge moments.

The criticism became so strong that, eventually, the referee's union tried to get the reports abolished.

However, in the biggest NBA game of the season, the last two minute report was a shining example of what some officials are capable of, and it's a credit to them being on their game when it mattered most. Game 7's last two minute report stated that the refs made zero errors, with 18 situations either correctly called or not called.

Surely, there were other missed calls throughout the game. After watching a replay with under three minutes left, it appeared that LeBron James was fouled by Andre Iguodala at the rim when the score was 89-89.

Still, overall, the crew of Danny Crawford, Mike Callahan, and Monty McCutchen stepped up to the challenge and made sure that the focus was on the players and the game itself, rather than the officials.

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