It seems the Lou Holtz-Ryan Day controversy is far from finished. Ohio State football plummeted five spots in Holtz's latest college football rankings, per the Columbus Dispatch's Colin Gay.

Ohio State is currently the fourth-ranked team in the country. Lou Holtz gave them the same ranking after Ryan Day and Co. beat Notre Dame football 17-14 on September 23. Ohio State scored a last-second touchdown to stun Notre Dame on the road.

Holtz is a former assistant coach of legendary Ohio State football head coach Woody Hayes. Lou Holtz served as Notre Dame football's head coach from 1986 to 1996. He led them to their last national title in 1988. With these in mind, Holtz has affinity for both schools.

However, Holtz told Dan Dakich last week he felt Ohio State isn't a great team.

“I don't think they'll be a great football team.,,I felt Notre Dame won the football game. All we had to do was fall on the ball. The last two minutes, the opposition is not Ohio State. The opposition is the clock,” Lou Holtz said.

Ohio State football is coming off its bye week. Holtz dropped Ryan Day's squad to No. 9 in his latest rankings. On the other hand, Notre Dame, which beat Duke football this past weekend, is No. 11. Holtz's top three are Michigan, Georgia, and Oregon.

Lou Holtz stirred controversy when he declared Notre Dame was a better team than Ohio State prior to their highly-anticipated clash. Ryan Day fired back at the Notre Dame legend. Day called out Holtz during a sideline interview after Ohio State football's win over Notre Dame.

Ryan Day and Ohio State take on Maryland football this weekend.