The Oklahoma Sooners softball team, typically a dominant force in NCAA Division I, faced an upset this past weekend as their historic 71-game win streak was snapped by UL-Lafayette.

The loss, which ended in a 7-5 defeat after eight innings, marked the end of what had been the longest win streak in the division's history, surpassing even the Arizona Wildcats' 47-game run from 1996-97. This upset occurred just days after the grand opening of Oklahoma's new $12 million Love's Field, adding emotional weight to the weekend.

Kinzie Hansen, reflecting on the weekend's challenges and the team's performance, highlighted the emotional rollercoaster of opening the new stadium and adjusting to the high-stakes environment.

“The tough day was the first day when we opened it,” Hansen said via Jaron Spor of Sooners Wire. “After that, I thought we settled in pretty good. Obviously, today was very uncharacteristic and really that is that.”

Hansen pointed to several unforced errors that were not typical of the Sooners' gameplay, including base-running errors and fielding mistakes. The team made three mistakes, two of which occurred in the last two innings, a rare occurrence for a team that had only four errors in their first 18 games of 2024, per Isabel Gonzalez of CBS Sports.

The Sooners did attempt a comeback, tying the game in the seventh inning despite trailing by two runs.

The loss puts Oklahoma softball at 18–1 this season, while Louisiana improves to 10-12. With the pressure of maintaining the win streak now behind them, the Sooners look forward to pursuing an unprecedented fourth consecutive national title.